4th International Workshop on Orogenic Lherzolites and Mantle Processes Samani (Hokkaido, Japan), August 26-September 3, 2002

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The Workshop: We are pleased to invite you to participate in The Fourth International Workshop on Orogenic Lherzolites and Mantle Processes to be held from August 26 to September 3, 2002 at Samani, Hokkaido, Japan. The main aim of the Workshop Series has been to present new data on mantle-derived ultramafic and related rocks (orogenic lherzolites, ophiolitic peridotites, xenoliths in volcanic rocks), and to discuss how data from diverse disciplines including experimental and theoretical, geological, geochemical and geophysical approaches can be used to understand mantle processes.
The Samani Workshop will place special emphasis on research topics such as: (1) origin of heterogeneity on various scales as documented in mantle derived ultramafic rocks with particular emphasis on mechanisms for forming layered structures; (2) mechanisms of melt production and modification of partial melts during melt segregation, melt transport, and mantle-melt reactions; (3) rheology of solid and partially molten mantle and large scale flow dynamics in the mantle; (4) recycling and processing of lithosphere into the mantle on local and global scales and the geochemical evolution of the Earth's mantle.
The Samani Workshop will consist of a three-day indoor meeting (August 29-31) coupled with a two-day field excursion in the Horoman peridotite. The same field trip will be given before (August 27-28) and after (September 1-2) the indoor meeting. Scientific presentations will be made in oral and poster sessions. Concurrent sessions will be avoided in order to insure sufficient exchange of ideas and equitable exposure for both oral and poster presentations. The indoor meeting will be held in the Town Hall of Samani, which is near the Horoman peridotite thereby facilitating easy access to the complex. In addition, the Town Hall has a garden with scientific exhibition of polished large samples of the peridotite, an ideal location for informal discussions during the indoor meeting days.
Samani is a local small town (inhabited by 6400 people) located about 200 km southeast of Sapporo. It is a quiet, peaceful town blessed with a moderate climate, beautiful land and the seascapes and of course the peridotite mountains.

Proceedings: A series of research papers that will be peer-reviewed, is intended to be published in an international journal within one year of the meeting. Previous workshop research papers were published in a Special Volume of the Journal of Petrology in 1991 (First Workshop 1990 - Montpellier) and Chemical Geology in 1996 (Second Workshop 1995 - Granada) and are scheduled to be published in the Journal of Petrology in 2001. (Third Workshop 1999 - Pavia).

Field Trips: As mentioned above, a two-day field excursion to the Horoman peridotite will be placed before and after the indoor meeting. (We will repeat the same excursion in order to accommodate large numbers of participants; attendees who wish to see the Horoman peridotite in the field must choose only one of the two times). In addition, following three post-workshop field excursions to other ultramafic complexes and xenolith localities are being planned:
(1) Sept. 1-3, deep seated crustal rocks and a gabbroic complex in the Hidaka metamorphic belt and the Iwanaidake peridotite in the Kamuikotan belt, Hokkaido islandªFcrustal section of a juvenile continental crust (granulite, migmatite, layered gabbro) and a ophiolitic peridotite.
(2) Sept. 3-6, Hayachine and Miyamori ultramafic complexes in the Kitakami mountains,north-eastern Honshu island: multi-stage and open-system magmatism in the Ordovician supra-subduction zone ophiolite (hornblende- and phlogopite-bearing peridotites, hornblendite, and hornblende gabbros).
(3) Sept. 3-8, A tour of xenolith localities for peridotite and related rocks on the Japanese island arc (Ichinome-gata, north-eastern Honshu island, Takashima and Kurose, northern Kyushu island).

In order to be financially reasonable, each of these field trips requires a minimum number of participants. More information and details of the trips, including approximate cost will be given on the Workshop WWW pages.

Organizing Committee: M. Obata (Kyoto), S. Arai (Kanazawa), K. Niida (Hokkaido), K. Ozawa (Tokyo), E. Takazawa (Niigata) , N. Takahashi (Chiba), M. A. Menzies (London), J-L. Bodinier (Montpellier)

Scientific Committee: M. A. Menzies (London), J-L. Bodinier (Montpellier), A. Nicolas (Montpellier), A. W. Hofmann (Mainz), F. A. Frey (MIT), N. Shimizu (Woods Hole), G. Piccardo (Genova), R. Vanucci (Pavia), D. Kohlstedt (Minnesota) and others.

Field Leaders: Horoman peridotite: K. Niida (Hokkaido); Hidaka and Kamuikotan belts: J. Maeda (Hokkaido); Hayachine-Miyamori complex: K. Ozawa (Tokyo); Xenoliths: S. Arai (Kanazawa)

A second circular that contains full information about the scientific program with abstract format together with registration forms will be forwarded in September, 2001 to those scientists declaring their interest in this workshop by returning the following:

First Name:
Street ZIP code City
Preferred mailing address:
Telephone: Fax: E-mail:
I intend to submit a paper
YES (If appropriate, please indicate tentative a title or topic to be dealt with)

Field Trips:
Please indicate in [ ] your interest in participating in the field tours: Horoman peridotite
[ ] Pre-indoor meeting
[ ] Post-indoor meeting
[ ] (1) mafic-ultramafic complexes in the Hidaka Mountains and others,
[ ] (2) Hayachine and Miyamori ultramafic complexes,
[ ] (3) xenolith localities.
(Please note that the post-indoor meeting Horoman field trip overlaps in time with the post-conference field trip #(1) (the Hidaka Mountains). Therefore, those who wish to attend both the Horoman and the Hidaka excursions must choose the pre-indoor meeting trip for the Horoman.)

World Wide Web page
The Lherzolites Workshop WWW page will be updated on a regular basis from October 2000. All information in this circular will be included as well as the conference themes, more information on the field excursions, and the lists of participants.
WWW address: http://earth.s.kanazawa-u.ac.jp/LherzoliteWorkshop2002/

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Interested person should send above information to E. Takazawa by e-mail (takazawa@sc.niigata-u.ac.jp)
or fax (+81-25-262-6194). If you have a question or a problem, please contact either
M. Obata (obata@kueps.kyoto-u.ac.jp) or E. Takazawa.