Dear Participants (27th Aug),

Speakers who wish to use a LCD projector and PowerPoint for their oral presentations are advised to bring their presentations on a Compact Disk and to hand it in at registration desk the day before their talks. In order to avoid possible time loss, personal laptops will not be plugged into the LCD projectors in the presentation room unless there are special reasons.

If you cannot prepare a CD before your departure,it is possible to do it at the Conference Hall. We will provide personal computers, which are equipped with CD burning softwares, thereby allowing you a on-site preparation of CDs.

The CD should be labelled with both name of the speaker and the file to be used (e.g. obata.ppt). Prior to the session the file will be transferred from CD to a hard disk in the PC installed in the conference hall and opened to verify readability.

Revisions to presentations will not be accepted after submission of CD. If revisions are needed, the presentation should be brought in slides or OHPs.

All presentation files will be treated as confidential and will be removed from the computers immediately after the end of each session. Dual projections will not be available for presentation using PowerPoint.

The specifications of on-site hardware and software are listed below.
Speakers should ensure that their presentations are compatible with these operating systems and PowerPoint versions.

* Operating System: Windows 98
* Microsoft PowerPoint 2002
* PDF Reader: Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0
* Processor: Pentium Celeron 450MHz
* RAM: 190 MB


* Operating System: MacOS 9.2.2
* Microsoft PowerPoint 2001
* PDF Reader: Adobe Acrobat Reader 4
* Processor: PowerPC G4 with 500MHz
* Memory: minimum of 512 MB

For questions regarding presentation using LCD projector and PowerPoint,
please ask Dr. Kazuhito Ozawa at
before August 24.