2nd Japan-China Joint International Workshop
Earth Surface Processes and Environmental Changes in North-East Asia

January 29-31, 2007, Kanazawa, Japan



Organized by
Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology, Kanazawa University
Kanazawa University 21st-century COE Program
Institute of Urban & Environmental Ecology, Yanbian University (YBU)

January 29: Arrival at Kanazawa

January 30: Kanazawa University Natural Science and Technology (Room G15)

1. Iwasaka, Y. (岩坂泰信・金沢大): Long-range Transport of Asian Dust Particles and its Effect on Regional Environment
2. Kashiwaya, K. (柏谷健二・金沢大): Present Earth Surface Processes and Environmental Changes in Lake-catchment Systems in North-East Asia
3. Nakamura, K. (中村浩二・金沢大): Progress of Biodiversity Studies in Satoyama in Pan Japan Sea Area: a Proposal for International Cooperation

4. Jin, Ai-fen (金愛芬・延辺大): Climate Change in the Tumen River Basin
5. Li, Chun-jing (李春景・延辺大): Water System Characteristics and Geological Correlation in the Tumen River Tributaries
6. Zhu, Wei-hong (朱衛紅・延辺大): Wetland Classification and Distribution of the Tumen River Lower Stream Based on 3S Technologies

7. Kimura, S. (木村繁男・金沢大): Development of groundwater flowmeter and atmospheric velocimeter
8. Jin, Shi-zhu (金石柱・延辺大): Traveling Resources and the Tourist Industry in Yanbian
9. Aoki, T. (青木賢人・金沢大): Introduction and Demonstration of the Environmental Database in Pan-Japan Sea area

10. Kawanishi, T. (川西琢也・金沢大): Co-operative Works on Water Pollution in Yanbian Area: Monitoring of Surface Water and Groundwater and Estimation of Nitrogen Loads to the Water Environment
11. Jin, Dong-ri (金東日・延辺大): Determination of DL-amino Acids and Optically Active Thiols by HPLC with Fluorescent Chiral Derivatization Method.
12. Lee, Yong-Ill (韓国昌原大): Ion-trap Mss Spectrometry for Environmental and Biochemical Analysis

19:00~懇親会 エクセル東急(大学からバスを出してもらう予定です)

January 31: Campus Tour and Field Excursion
February 1: Departure from Kanazawa

Contact persons
Kashiwaya, K.
TEL&FAX+81-76-264-6531: e-mail; kashi@kenroku.kanazawa-u.ac.jp
Hasebe, N.
TEL&FAX+81-76-264-6529: e-mail; Hasebe@kenroku.kanazawa-u.ac.jp