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The 2010 MoHole workshop in Kanazawa, Japan, provided the starting point to initiate the MoHole project, to be a monumental achievement.

The MoHoHole workshop discussions were held jointly between ocean lithosphere specialists, marine geophysicists, and drilling engineers, with aim of identifying the best possible sites in fast-spread crust given our current geological, geophysical and technological knowledge and expertise, and to list the items that will need to be considered  in a technology road map for the MoHole.

Two interconnected objectives were launched in the workshop:

  1. BulletTo initiate a road map for technology development, and the project implementation plan, to achieve the deep drilling objectives of the MoHole project.

  2. BulletTo identify potential MoHole sites in Pacific fast-spread crust, where the scientific community will focus geophysical site survey efforts over the next few years.