Kanazawa Univ. 21st Century COE Symposium
"Atmospheric pollution of East Asia and its effects on ecosystem and human health"

23 September, 2006

Yayoi Auditorium Ichijyo Hall, Tokyo, Japan

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9:00 Registration Desk Open

Morning Session: Overview of present atmospheric environment of each country and research strategy (10:00-12:00)

10:00-10:20 Hayakawa, Kazuichi (Leader of the Kanazawa Univ. 21st Century COE program)
Opening remarks
10:20-10:40 Kasahara, Mikio (President of Japan Society for Atmospheric Environment)
Important atmospheric environmental issues of East Asia
10:40-11:00 Kim, Sin Do (President of Korean Society of Atmospheric Environment, University of Seoul, Korea)
Korean atmospheric environment and research strategy
11:00-11:20 Tang, Dagang (Director General of Vehicle Emission Control Center of the State Environmental Protection Administration of China, Deputy director of the Atmospheric Environment Branch of Chinese Society of Environmental Science)
Chinese atmospheric environment and research strategy
11:20-11:40 Sergienko, Valentin (President of Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy Sciences)
Russian atmospheric environment and research strategy
11:40-12:00 Kumagai, Kazukiyo (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Asian indoor pollution

12:00-13:30 Lunch

Afternoon Session: Important atmospheric issues of East Asia (13:30-17:30)

13:30-13:50 Iwasaka, Yasunobu (Kanazawa University, Japan)
Kosa transport over the Japan Sea
13:50-14:10 Kim, Yoon Shin (President of Korean Society for Indoor Environment, Hanyang University)
Recent characteristics of the Asian Dust in Korea
14:10-14:30 Lee, Woo Keun (Vice President of Korean Society of Atmospheric Environment, Kangwon National University, Korea)
Analysis of the reduction strategy of air pollutants discharged from point and area sources and its effect at the Metropolitan area in Korea
14:30-14:50 Hu, Min (College of Environmental Sciences, Peking University, China)
Beijing aerosol pollutant

14:50-15:20 Coffee Break

15:20-15:40 Takeda, Ken (Tokyo University of Science, Japan)
Diesel-exhaust particulates and their health effects
15:40-16:00 Cherednichenko, Alexander (Institute of Chemistry of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy Sciences)
Radioactivity in the air and human health effect
16:00-16:20 Komura, Kazuhisa (Kanazawa University, Japan),
Mass transportation monitored by trace level radioactivity

16:20-17:30 Discussions and Closing remarks

Posters (10:00-19:00, core time 17:30-19:00)

1) Hong, Chun-Sang and Y.Iwasaka (Kanazawa University, Japan)
Layered structure of aerosol distributions caused by continental and marine air masses: Observation at Gosan, Jeju Island, Korea in spring, 2001
2) Anh, Van Dieu (Kanazawa University, Japan)
Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in river water in Kanazawa City
3) -Canceled-
4) Inomata, Yayoi, M. Chiba, Y. Igarashi, M. Aoyama, and K. Hirose (Meteorological Research Institute, Japan)
Seasonal variation and locality of enhancement atmospheric gamma-dose rates during precipitation in Japan
5)Tobo, Yutaka, Y. Iwasaka, G.Shi, and D. Zhang
Interpretation of high cloud formation over the Tibetan Plateau by convective transport of water vapor and polluted air from Asia
6)Yoichi Utanohara, S. Kimura and T. Kiwata
Numerical study on trapped mountain waves and their effect on aerosol diffusion
7) Chung, Sang Woon, H-Y Chung, A. Toriba and K. Hayakawa
An Environmental Quinoid Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon, Acenaphthenequinone (AcQ), modulates COX-2 Expression through ROS generation and NF-кB activation in A549 cells
8) Xiaoyang,Yang , N. Tang, Y. Okada, T. Kameda, A. Toriba, Y. Utanohara, K. Yamaji, T. Kawanishi, K. Tamura, T. Ohara, I. Uno, and K. Hayakawa
Correlation study of observation data of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and chemical transport model calculation data of other pollutants at Wajima
9) Yamada, Maromu, Y. Iwasaka, Y. Tobo, D. Zhang, N. Nakata,C.-S. Hong, R. Komura, M. Wada, C. Kanaoka, K. Hayakawa
Vertical distribution of aerosols in the boundary layer during non-KOSA periods in spring at Ishikawa, Japan: Preliminary results of the observation using a tethered balloon
10) Abe, Takuya, Y. Yamaguchi, K. Tanaka, and K. Komura
High resolution simultaneous measurements of airborne radionuclides
11) Ken-ichi Maruyama, K. Suzuki, M.Hoshino, M. Kubo, K. Muramoro, Y. Fujiyoshi (Kanazawa University, Japan)
Observation of Z-R Relationship and Raindrop Size Distribution Using POSS and 2D-VD
12) Wakimoto, Rie and K. Tazaki(Kanazawa University, Japan)
Remediation of crude oil by microorganisms in oily hot springs : The study of microbial degradation and covellite biomineralization

Posters for Introduction of COE activities

11) Ishii, Tohru et al.
Crustal and Paleo-oceanographic Change
12) Ochiai, Shinya et al.
Limno-Climatic Changes
13) Utsunomiya, Daisuke et al.
Ecosystem and Biodiversity
14) Murata, Yoshimasa et al.


午前の部: 各国の大気環境の現状と研究戦略 (10:00-12:00)

1) 早川和一 (日本・金沢大学21世紀COEプログラムリーダー)
2) 笠原三紀夫 (日本・大気環境学会会長)
3) 金 信道 (韓国・ソウル市立大学校、韓国大気環境学会会長)
4) 湯大網 (中国環境保護総局自動車排ガスコントロールセンターセンター長・中国環境科学会大気環境学会副学会長)
5) Sergienko, Valentin (ロシア科学アカデミー極東支部代表)
6) 熊谷一清 (日本・東京大学)

午後の部: 東アジアの大気問題 (13:30-17:30)

1) 岩坂秦信 (日本・金沢大学)
2) 金 潤信 (韓国・室内環境学会会長・漢陽大学校)
3) 李 宇根 (韓国・韓国大気環境学会副会長,江原大学校)
4) 胡 敏 (中国・北京大学環境学院・国家重点研究室主任)
5) 武田健 (日本・東京理科大学)
6) Cherednichenko, Alexander (ロシア科学アカデミー極東支部化学研究所)
7) 小村和久 (日本・金沢大学)



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