Kanazawa Univ. 21st Century COE Symposium
"Atmospheric pollution of East Asia and its effects on ecosystem and human health"

23 September, 2006

Yayoi Auditorium Ichijyo Hall, Tokyo, Japan

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The symposium, hosted by the Kanazawa Univ. 21st Century COE program "Environmental Monitoring and Prediction of Long- and Short-Term Dynamics of Pan-Japan Sea Area - Construction of Monitoring Network and Estimation of Human Effects", was successfully carried out. Our discussions leaded us to consider the efforts to continuously monitor the atmospheric environment, and the development of the common ggaugeh to represent the environment for all the related countries. For the impacts of atmospheric environment to a human health, we reach the concern about future strategy. We must think about each individual with specific background (age, lifestyle, local environment, etc) rather than the average "human".

The organising committee would like to express most sincere thanks to lectures, attendees, poster presenters, and those who assist the symposium for your contributions and future collaborations.

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