Kanazawa Univ. 21st Century COE Symposium
"Atmospheric pollution of East Asia and its effects on ecosystem and human health"

23 September, 2006

Yayoi Auditorium Ichijyo Hall, Tokyo, Japan

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We are pleased to inform that the Kanazawa Univ. 21st Century COE program "Environmental Monitoring and Prediction of Long- and Short-Term Dynamics of Pan-Japan Sea Area - Construction of Monitoring Network and Estimation of Human Effects" hosts the international symposium especially focusing on atmospheric environment of East Asia.
The symposium is planed to include addressing speeches by representatives of four countries (Japan, China, Korea and Russia) to overview the present situation and research strategy of each country to tackle the atmospheric environmental problems. The specific theme such as Kosa (Asian dust), dust from combustion exhaust gas, acid rain, and radioactivity will be also discussed.
We sincerely welcome all the participants.
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